Navbar layouts

Avion theme features two different layouts for the main navigation that you can select in the Warp administration. One places the logo inside the navbar for a nice compact design, while the other one leaves the logo plenty of space by putting it above the navation. That way logo size will be no issue when working with this theme.

Navbar 01
Navbar 02

Custom Widgets

To enhance the features of Widgetkit 2, this theme includes a number of custom widget plugins. In addition to these widgets Avion also provides a custom Twitter widget as well as a .tm-slider-avion class to modify the styling of the Slider.



A special Gallery widget allows you to display an item’s title in an overlay and load the content and link on hover. Additionally you can use an elegant arrow icon instead of a button for the lightbox.


Avion theme comes with a beautiful Slideset widget with an eye catching scale effect on hover. The custom date field is great, if you want to use the widget display an event calender.
Tabs Switcher

Tabs Switcher

This custom Switcher lets you toggle through different content items with a tabbed navigation that will always extend to fill the entire panel height. Of course, it adapts beautifully to all screen sizes.


We've created some neat JavaScript effects for Avion theme that will give your website a modern style and feel and invite visitor to play around with it. Here's a little overview with examples.

<div data-particles='{"color":"auto", "opacity": 0.35}'> ... </div>


This trendy effect simulates randomly moving particles being connected by lines that follow your cursor, sort of like zodiac signs. You can set the particles to be black, white or to adapt automatically to the background color that they are placed upon.


Based on Google’s Material Design, the we’ve added a ripple effect to certain UI elements, like buttons. It responds to the position that you click on, thus creating an interactiveness to all actions. There's no additional markup necessary.

Warp Framework

A fast and slick theme framework which is built on the latest web techniques like HTML5, CSS3 and PHP 5.3+

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A lightweight and modular front-end framework for developing fast and powerful web interfaces.

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